Celebrating 20 Years!

Celebrating 20 Years!

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Friday, October 24, 2014

Peoria County E.M.A.- Friday, October 24

OLLI was on the alert for the most recent Learning Trip to the Peoria County Emergency Management Agency.

OllI members were able to visit the Peoria County Emergency Management Agency to observe first-hand where the agency operations are housed. John Hamann, interim director, lead OLLI on a tour of the agency's facilities. John gave OLLI not only a background on the emergency management system, but provided information on the future of the E.M.A.

Built originally as a 1965 the Peoria County EMA is actually located in an underground bunker. OLLI members were able to go into the bunker that was originally designed in 1965 in preparation for a nuclear attack. OLLI members were surprised to see a lot of original 1965 equipment that was in the bunker, including morse code equipment.

You would have no idea that underneath the dirt and grass, entire agency operations are taking place. It was fascinating learning about the many facets behind the Peoria Co. EMA, and just how much goes into preparing for emergency situations. The EMA is equipped with monitors, radio systems, and communications that allow staff to dispatch emergencies readily and efficiently.

OLLI would like to thank John for hosting OLLI on this wonderfully informative Learning Trip.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Industry in El Paso- Monday, October 20

Industry in El Paso is the focus of the most recent OLLI Learning Trip.

El Paso, located approximately 30 miles east of Peoria, is a small town in Woodford County that is home to a number of industrial employers. Our first stop was American Buildings, one of the largest and most experienced manufacturers of custom engineered steel building systems. OLLI members wore hard hats and safety glasses, and then spent time touring the factory. The expert guides at American Buildings showed OLLI members why American is an industry leader in design flexibility, quality, and value.

At the next stop, just a mile down the road, OLLI went behind-the-scenes at the DuPont plant. DuPont helps farmers improve productivity and sustainability of their crops with weed and insect control. OLLI learned that all of their crop protection is now dry, versus the liquid formulas used previously. This has had quite an impact on manufacturing, packaging, and shipping for DuPont. DuPont also described their safety policy that has proven its efficiency over the years.

OLLI thanks both of our wonderful hosts for giving us insights into the industries in El Paso.

Homeway Homes- Thursday, October 23

OLLI members return for the second Homeway Homes tour during the month of October.

Brian Schieler, Homeway Homes President, graciously gave another tour of his facility located in Goodfield, IL. Homeway Homes has constructed modular homes for over 10 years, and prior to contrary belief, customers can have a custom home designed and built at their facility. OLLI members also learned about the innovative techniques Homeway Homes uses to maximize efficiency without minimizing quality.

OLLI members proudly wore their yellow hard hats, and worked their way through the Homeway home Facility. OLLI would like to thank Brian and the entire staff at Homeway Homes for welcoming us for another tour this month. We look forward to our next Learning Trip in Goodfield.

Springdale Cemetery- Tuesday, October 21

OLLI visited the Springdale Cemetery on a picture-perfect fall day.

The Springdale Cemetery is a peaceful place of great beauty, deep meaning, and rich history. The cemetery was founded in 1854, and was designed to be both a cemetery and a park for Peoria. The cemetery is place that people can go to for remembrance and enjoyment.

OLLI members were lead by Mark Matuszak, General Manager, and two step-on guides. The tour provided detailed information about the landscape, art, and architecture of Springdale Cemetery. OLLI members were shocked to learn that over 70,000 former Peoria residents reside in the Springdale Cemetery. One of the highlights of the tour was to see the burial site of Lydia Moss Bradley. OLLI members were glad to spend a beautiful fall day remembering and honoring various historic business and community leaders that have made Peoria proud.

OLLI would like to thank Mark Matuszak for leading OLLI on this wonderful tour.

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