Celebrating 20 Years!

Celebrating 20 Years!

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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

J.K. Williams Distilling - June 30, 2014

It's no secret that we all need a little bit of help getting through some Mondays--lucky for us, our first learning trip of the week was to J.K. Williams Distillery in East Peoria.

If you're wondering of a way to get rid of the Monday blues--I recommend a sampling of the finest in Central Illinois distilling--J.K. Williams. Who says you have to wait until 5 O'clock for happy hour? We were welcomed with a few of the distillery's original and delicious cocktails that include everything from a Lemon Drop Martini to a Whiskey Pom Pom!

We also had the opportunity to learn about the distillery's history. The Williams family began distilling well-before the 1920s, and became a top-name during the prohibition era. After a brief overview of the Williams roots in distilling, we had the opportunity to tour the facility. Our tour included a behind-the-scenes look at the distilling process, as-well as an inside peak at how the product goes from grain to bottle.

Most-charming are the family values the distillery holds so dearly. Brother and sister have taken initiative to reinvent the business--and they have turned it into a family affair. For everything from bottling parties to tours, the parents and children always lend a helping-hand. Even the labels are placed on the bottles by hand! Although every now and then they place a crooked label, it's the subtle charm in these imperfections that makes their products so unique.

Our lovely visit to J.K. Williams Distilling concluded with the opportunity for OLLI members to sample a variety of their products which include: peach whiskey, apple pie whiskey, blackberry whiskey, lemon whiskey, bourbon, and the original corn whiskey.

We couldn't think of a better way to start our week, and we are grateful to our friends at J.K. Williams Distilling for their warm welcome!

For more information on J.K. Williams Distillery, you can find them on Facebook!

And if you would like the recipes to some of the cocktails we tried,visit the distillery's blog!

OLLI at Bradley

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